Enable Skype Groups and Hiding Contacts

I was asked the following:


I have completed my 1st pattern….after it was done & 229 Skype users added me as a contact, I then sent my introduction message…..it now shows in my ungrouped folder in Skype that I have 229 contacts, but I cannot see anything in Skype….when I go to my ungrouped folder, it’s empty, nothing showing in there…..please advise


You need to make sure you have groups enabled and also in preset groups that ‘ungrouped’ is enabled. You could be hiding contacts as well. Also, be sure before any search and add you empty your ungrouped so you are not mixing people. There’s a post on my blog about setting up groups and moving contacts. https://peaceatlast.wordpress.com/2009/04/01/creating-skype-groups-and-moving-contacts/

How to check and solve…

On your main skype go to “view” then down to “contact groups” this will pop out a list. At the top will be “enable groups” there should be a check by this, if not click it and this will disappear. Repeat the steps view, contact groups and now you should see a check next to “enable groups” then near the bottom you’ll see “preset groups” scroll down to this and a menu will pop out. Be sure there’s a check next to “ungrouped” if not, click it and the same thing, this will disappear, repeat the steps to go back to this and there should be a check next to “ungrouped” now. Clicking these groups in the menu will check those not, and uncheck those checked.

Also, go to “view” then “contacts that are” and see if there is a check by “not sharing details” if there is a check skype will hide those that have not added you. I have mine set this way so I can easily find those that have added me but this could be another reason you see no one in ungrouped. It would show the number of people but not the names.


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