Animal Rescue In Crisis – Must Relocate ASAP

January 24, 2011

Okay here it is folks. As many of you know I’ve spent the last two years trying to hold the rescue together during a herendous divorce only to have the judge rule that the property be sold at short sale as my husband requested. This was ordered in October and my husband has done nothing further including paying the mortgage that he is fully responsible for. There was another notice on my gate Friday January 21st and the mortgage company says they are turning things over to legal and beginning foreclosure and the lady went on to say I should spend the next 2 weeks making arrangements to get relocated before it’s to late. The mortgage is in my husbands name only and I have no say in anything there. Also, the more I put into this place is less money I have toward a new property. There will be no money coming out of the sale of the property if that even takes place at all as the mortgage my husband took out is upside down.

Now many people have said it takes months or years for short sales and months for foreclosures but these animals lives depend on me and I can not take that chance. I’ve heard matter of weeks from some who are in law enforcemnt and such. Moving everyone is going to be a large undertaking as it is so property must be obtained and readied for them before hand. We are really out of time and I’ve not been able to raise any funds towards relocating. My husband owes me back alimony that would cover a move but he’s not paying it. He doesn’t want me to have chance to move he wants the animals destroyed because he knows that will destroy me.

With all the contacts I have if everyone gave just $5 to the cause we could raise the money to put down on property and cover setup and moving. That’s not much but it does take everyone. For everyone that doesn’t that’s $5 more that needs to be raised elsewhere. This is a crisis and matter of life and death for these animals and it’s really not much more than giving up a cup of coffee. I have found property only to have it slip away with downpayments of anywhere from 1900 to 3500. This is heartbreaking to have good properties come up for the animals and not be able to get them. I have devoted my entire life to animals and rescue without ever asking for anything until my husband set out to destroy everything I’ve worked for.

We need a minimum of 5 acres but more so 10 to 15 to be able to care for the animals and have income to support them. It has to be agriculture/non restricted zoning allowing for pets and livestock, ponds and such including pigs. We need owner financing with low down low monthly so we can get established as it will be great expense to get set up for the animals in the first place. We need help, volunteers to help us with setup and moving when ready. It needs to be able to allow for camper or mobile home to lesson set up expense. We need donations desperatly.

In an emergency we’d be happy with anyone willing to donate and acre or two for temp housing while making permenant arrangements and set up. We must ensure there is a safe place for the animals immediatly. They can not be left alone so I must be able to be on the property with them if only in travel trailer.

I have done countless fundraisers to not much success. There has been rather a reduction in donations. My off property work hours have been almost non existant since September as well. We’ve gotten by for two years with struggle, prayers and blessings but we need your help greatly to make this move.

Please find it in your heart to help us in this hour of need. That is what it is too. We need these dear beings moved out of here yesterday to ensure they stay safe, happy and healthy. We need everyones support and for everyone to help spread the word that we need support and to help us look for property. I have been so bogged down with court and legal things that it has made a tough task near impossible. I can not do this alone any longer. My husband will not rest as long as I am here he will do everything in his power to try and have these innocent animals destroyed just to hurt me.

I have donation buttons on my website as well as monthly sponsorships available on my sponsorship page as follows:

Any donations are tax deductable and most appreciated. It is through peoples continued support in our efforts that we are able to make the lives of animals better and give them peace at last in life, rather than death.

Melody Lesh
Peace At Last Farms Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation, Inc
A non profit organization dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of domestic and farm animals.